Pakistani actress Madiha Imam has found herself at the centre of a brewing controversy after her recent visit to her in-laws’ house in India. The visit, which initially sparked debates on religious grounds, has now taken an unexpected turn with fans raising concerns about the seemingly empty house.

Netizens scrutinising the video footage from the visit noted a lack of furnishings and decorations in the house, with only a few couches visible. The walls appeared bare, devoid of any artwork or elements that typically make a home inviting.

Adding to the controversy, fans expressed worry over Madiha Imam’s demeanour during the visit. Observers pointed out that the 32-year-old actress seemed uneasy, evidenced by the confusion evident in her smile. This raised questions about the overall atmosphere and comfort level during her stay.

Further intensifying the debate, the groom’s uncle, who was filming the visit, mentioned a Hindu belief that considers a bride fortunate for the family if it rains on her first visit. The use of Hindi dialect and the reference to the Hindu ritual of “Pooja” only fuelled the controversy, leading fans to demand answers.

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The comment sections across social media platforms are now flooded with concerns from Madiha Imam’s fans, urging the actress to address the empty house scenario and share insights into her experience during the visit. As the controversy unfolds, it remains to be seen how Madiha Imam will respond to the growing queries and speculations surrounding her recent visit.

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