Pakistani actress Mawra Hocane dropped subtle hints at her possible engagement on Thursday.

Sharing a carousel of sun-kissed pictures, one image stood out, revealing a beautiful yet simple gold ring adorned with a mid-sized diamond on her engagement finger. Another non-engagement ring also graced the same finger.

In the particular picture, Mawra can be seen blushing, her gaze seemingly stolen by the ring. The Nauroz star captioned the image, “Wake up & be the ☀️ #projectJ.”

Although the post seemed to be a nonverbal announcement, only a keen-eyed user seemed to catch the hint.

Curious to see the ring? Keep clicking on the right!

Interestingly, just a week ago, a fan had urged Mawra to consider marriage, to which the actress cryptically replied, “I will think about this.”

However, the question remains: Is Ameer Gilani really the mystery guy?

Speculation points toward Mawra’s fellow co-star, Ameer Gilani. Dating rumours between the two surfaced in September 2020, fuelled by their shared on-screen projects and public appearances at weddings.

Their presence at each other’s birthdays, coupled with Mawra’s Instagram posts featuring Ameer Gilani, has only added to the ongoing speculation.

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