using high beam for no reason is dangerous
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Driving is not just an essential skill, it is one that a person is always improving at. However, just like everywhere else in life, there are certain rules and regulations that must be followed on the road. If they aren’t, the consequence can be disastrous. Today, we look at why using high beams, for no reason, is dangerous.

It is not just dangerous, it is highly reckless too. It is okay to use the high beam on roads such as highways or fog lights in a foggy area. Of course, these are places where the high beam becomes a necessity. You don’t want to end up with an accident in the fog because the fog light wasn’t on. However, we are talking about the time when drivers use it on residential streets or common city roads. Then, the risk factor increases.

high beams on cars without reason
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High Beam And Fog Light Risks

If you are behind a vehicle and you wish to overtake them, there are a couple of ways to do that. However, shining the brightest light of your car in their eyes is not the way to do so. Similarly, if traffic is moving two ways on a single road, it does not help to use a high beam. What if the oncoming car is unable to move sideways because you flashed them with the beam?

Similarly, if you wish to overtake them, you can either use the dipper to let them know you wish to move forward, or you can use the horn. However, if they start to flash the right side indicator (Right for fastest lane here), that means they cannot, currently, move to the left. So, we urge drivers to be patient and not bathe them in the light! What good will it do to use the high beam as a pestering tool for drivers?

high beams and not using them everywhere
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If this gif is uncomfortable, imagine the drivers in front of you! They must want to shoot something or ram their car somewhere!

Keeping A Check On Lights

Also, it has been seen that people often turn on their high beams unknowingly. They just turn the headlight stalk dial to the max and it gets pushed forward too. So, it is important to also always keep an eye on the meter cluster. This is if you can’t tell the difference between high and regular while driving.

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Also, we must inform you to not use high beams in fog, rather use the fog lights. The high beam could reflect back from the fog. That also means not using fog lights on residential streets as they have no application there.

fog lights and when to use them
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There should be an anti-high beam function in cars that pulls up a mirror on the rear windscreen! Then we watch as they get a taste of their own medicine. Among the many traffic rules out there, this is one of the most important ones. That said, we encourage everyone to stick to the road rules to the best of their abilities. Always wear your seatbelt and use indicators when switching lanes. The cars around you don’t know what you’re thinking.

using fog lights when necessary
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