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Where there is good, there is also bad. It is from the ideology of inner peace, that Yin Yang has emerged. It translates that the presence of good and bad must be kept in balance. One does not do well if either is in excess.

Similarly, when it comes to driving, there are forgivable mistakes and there are worse ones. The former can be ignored and are usually such that are rectified with time and practice.

The latter ones, however, can even cause the driver their life! Yes, a simple turn signal can mean the difference between life and death. Today, we shall observe such mistakes made by almost every Driver.

Mistakes made by Driver
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1. Rev On Ignition:

This is one of the most common mistakes that a lot of Drivers make. Understandably, older cars require a warm-up of the engine before actually moving, but revving is not the same thing. A lot of people press hard and keep pressing on the accelerator just as the car starts. The vehicle engine has barely started, and one is trying to shoot fuel into the block. This can be extremely harmful to the vehicle.

2. Clutch Grinding:

This is yet another one of the bad mistakes a lot of drivers make. If you shift gear and are done shifting it, take the foot off the clutch completely. Resting your foot on the clutch, but on pressing it, still grinds the plate against the gears. This is not only causing wear and tear, but if you release your foot at speed, the vehicle might jerk. That, in turn, can cause an accident.

3. Four-Way Island Turns:

Are you familiar with four-way traffic signals with an island in between? Yes, we refer to either the signs in the center or the place where a policeman stands. The general laws of the road state that the driver is to make the turn from over the island. However, people here turn directly state from beneath the island. This can cause a head-on collision with a car coming from the right or the left, depending on where you are turning.

Signals and Driver mistakes
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4. Speeding:

Of course, we cannot mention driver mistakes and leave out speeding. This is a common thing in youngsters and many of the new drivers. Just because a vehicle has the ability to cross 150 doesn’t mean it should do that on every road. Speed should be set according to the road’s size, population nearby, and the speed limit. You can do 80km/hr on Shahra-e-Faisal but probably not in Saddar.

5. Driving Slow In Passing Lane:

There is nothing wrong with driving under the speed limit. However, if you intend to drive slower, it is recommended to it in the second or third lane. The first lane is usually the fastest one and is used for overtaking. How can a vehicle overtake a slower car if the slower car is in the passing lane itself? This is a mistake a driver can make, which may cause an accident. Overtaking from the left on roads built for right-hand drives is dangerous.

6. Leaving High Beams On:

Now, this is considered as a mistake made by a driver or done deliberately. Of course, there can sometimes be disagreements on the road and high beams are the weapon of the driver. However, we must remember that high beams hurt not just other drivers, but pedestrians too. Leaving the high beams of your car, switched on, on residential roads, is a risky move. It can blind someone and cause a fatal crash.

Driver worse mistakes to be made
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7. Swerving Lane To Lane:

Many people might think of this as a sign of professional driving, but it is quite far from it. Swerving from lane to lane without giving turn signals is a collision waiting to happen. What if the car in front of you or behind you cannot handle avoiding you when you changed lanes? A driver must always be careful when switching lanes. It takes practice to switch without disrupting the flow of the road.

These are some of the worst mistakes that car drivers can make. They may lead to something far more lethal than the mistake itself. Stay safe and drive carefully!

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