Why Did McDonald’s Pakistan Tweet This? We’re Confused

In a recent turn of events, McDonald’s Pakistan has taken to social media to share a piece of sad news with its customers. While we are still not sure of what to perceive of this announcement,  the internet is not happy.

McDonald’s On A Break?

Last night McDonald’s Pakistan announced via Twitter that the food giant is going on a small break and will be back soon after a while. The news sent social media into a frenzy and the McDonald’s lovers couldn’t understand the reason behind it. However, the majority is adamant that this is a marketing ploy and we might hear different news soon enough.

Take a look at the McDonald’s announcement tweet.

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Trouble In McDonald’s Or A Marketing Stunt?

While nothing is confirmed as of yet, it is highly unlikely that the brand is going to halt its services in Pakistan for a while. During the pandemic and supply issues, the brand was up and running even when McDonald’s couldn’t get access to its high-quality imported ingredients. If it could thrive in such a state, there is no reason for the brand to pause operations at the moment. Meanwhile, the brand could also be doing so for only the social media accounts and might be coming back with a refined look.

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So this could be a perfect tagline for something new in the making and while we wait for the final reveal, let us hope that what we are assuming turns out to be true.

What are your thoughts on the McDonald’s announcement? Let us know in the comments below.

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