There is no such thing as comfortable growth, and if you are in a comfort zone in a work environment, you are sabotaging your chances of career development. While most like the sense of familiarity with a specific setting – it is not ideal if you want to expose yourself to new settings acclaimed for your growth.

Research suggests that you can significantly increase your productivity, creativity, and ability to cope with change by stepping out of your comfort zone and doing things that give you a healthy amount of anxiety.

Reasons For Staying In A Comfort Zone

A comfort zone is relatively uncomplicated – routine work procedures pose no big challenge. In a branch where one feels familiar, there are rarely any surprises and very little that can make you break a sweat. It’s exceptionally comfortable. On the other hand, he who leaves his professional comfort zone is automatically confronted with new hurdles and challenges.

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The fear of losing control can also keep us from leaving our professional comfort zones. No one likes the idea of failing at new tasks. But as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained! Facing new challenges is part of our further professional development. Don’t think of it as a new opportunity to fail, but focus on the possibilities afforded by a new area of expertise.

Why Should Comfort Zones Be Avoided? 

The desire to improve, the definition of new goals, and your tenacity and endurance make who you can be applied to everyday work. Think about your professional situation over the last year – are you satisfied? Which goals did you set – did you achieve them? When you commit and continually expand your horizon, you’re signalling your motivation for your next career move and raising your value.

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Usually, in your comfort zone, there is a system that works that you are used to, and you can almost always control the outcome. Here’s the bummer, though: You cannot grow while following a path that is already familiar. You won’t learn much from experiences and events when they are the same all day. There is no room for mistakes, and mistakes are what help us learn.

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Scientific evidence confirms that learning centres in your brain shut down once you get used to doing something. In other words, repetition bores your brain. It’s like riding a bike. Once you’ve learned, you always know what to do with your feet and how to balance. The story changes entirely when you drive for the first time. Your brain realizes it is in unfamiliar territory and kicks into learning mode. By leaving your comfort zone, you change perspectives and give your mind a chance to grasp new concepts and processes.

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