Control Your Anger Before it Controls You

control your anger
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We all get angry from time to time don’t we? But for some of us anger is our kryptonite. When nothing in life goes our way and daily situations get out of hand, anger surfaces and takes us to the point where we ruin everything. Be it by hurting our loved ones or taking rash decisions that turn the course of our lives, anger can do it all. But all hope is not lost, here’s how you can manage it!

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Why Should Anger Be Managed

Managing your anger is a super under-rated practice. Men are especially socialized to believe that being angry and not knowing to handle that  is perfectly fine. But here’s where the problem comes. When we don’t manage our anger, we become distant, cold and also intimidating to others. This can impact our ability to connect with others.

control your anger
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Moreover, if you don’t know how to manage your anger then it also impacts your personal mental health a lot for the worse.

Identify What Triggers It

Everybody has triggers for their anger. It’s important for you to identify what are your anger triggers. Is it when somebody raises their voice? Is it when things aren’t arranged like you wanted them to be? Whatever the trigger is isn’t the concern. The concern is that you identify them and so you can avoid them and work on them.

control your anger
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Learn What Soothes You

If you know your trigger, the next thing you need to be aware about is what soothes you. This is imperative to learn about because it’s a huge step in self-awareness. Besides that, it is also important because even if your trigger has been activated, you can soothe yourself.

It can some minutes alone, deep-breathing exercises or taking a walk alone.

control your anger
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Learn to Manage Your Thoughts

Learning to manage your thoughts should also not be ignored. Most of the times when you’re on edge, anger is what pushes you over the edge. Moreover, once you have become angry, your thoughts can continue to snowball and keep you in the bitter mood.

Learn to know which thoughts are intrusive and which are your own. Change the channel of thought, focus on something close by.

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