Why Ego Is The Enemy of Good Leadership

ego good leadership
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Leadership is often misconstrued to be a higher position, managing a team and being the superior of a lot of people. However, the way today’s workplace looks, we couldn’t be more wrong. Leadership is more about how we are with our own selves and less about how we manage others. So, here’s why ego can ruin your ability to be a good leader and why it has everything to do with you:

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How Can We Become More Egoistic?

As we rise in the ranks of power and reach senior positions, we can tend to create inflated egos. This means we consider ourselves the masters of our success and start believing what we have to say matters more. We interrupt people more, we listen to them less, we may become rude. 

ego good leadership
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All these are signs of an inflated ego and they are the number one sign of poor leadership. When you get to higher positions, it is essential for you to manage your ego.

Hubris Syndrome

The hubris syndrome is a syndrome relating to ego and the workplace. It is define as tbe “disorder of the possession of power, particularly power which has been associated with overwhelming success, held for a period of years.”

ego good leadership
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When we rise to power, people also start paying more attention to us. They feed our ego, they laugh at our jokes. Our ego gets tickled. As a result, the hubris syndrome sets in and we start becoming a poor leader.

Why It Can Result In Our Downfall

Once people realise that we’re reeking with ego, they can catch onto that. Ego makes us predictable. Others can start manipulating us into achieving what they want either by tickling our ego or by challenging it.

ego good leadership
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Moreover, once we have inflated ego, other poor leadership skills start setting in. It means we only start aligning with those who affirm us, not those who challenge it. We can only work with those who praise us, not with those who are honest. Ego can help develop a tunnel vision and narrow mindset. Are these qualities of a good leader? You know as well as we do, ego is the killer of a good leader.

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