Of all the advancements in technology, WhatsApp emojis have totally transformed the way people chat with each other on a daily basis.

If you’re happy? Send a smiling emoji, Sad? a frowning emoji, feeling the love? Well, there’s a heart emoji for that too. Instead of saying good luck just simply send a thumbs up, why bother spending a few seconds typing it out!

With every update, WhatsApp brings a bunch of new emojis to enhance the user experience. However, not everyone agrees with the emojis and some find them offensive too. It seems like the ‘middle finger’ emoji has not fared well in India and a lawyer from Delhi has asked the online messenger service to take it down immediately.

Gurmeet Singh has given WhatsApp a 15-day notice otherwise he would file a civil or criminal complaint against them.

Indian newscaster, NDTV claims that the lawyer mentions,

“Showing the middle finger is not only offensive but a highly belligerent, invasive, obscene, lewd gesture. As per the Indian Penal Code Sections 354 and 509, it is an offense to show obscene, lewd, offensive gestures to females.”

Singh’s notice to WhatsApp further mentioned,

 “As per section 6 of the Criminal Justice (Public Order) Act, 1994, showing off the middle finger is also an offense in Ireland.”

WhatsApp has however not responded or commented on the notice sent by the Delhi lawyer. Once the two-week notice is over, Singh has promised to serve the messaging service with a civil suit.

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