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WhatsApp has the most interesting and exciting news in store for its users. The new update is in fact bringing 12 new features that may be life-changing because let’s be real, WhatsApp is our life at this point. Here’s everything you’re going to be able to do soon: 

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Edit Your Messages

You can now edit your messages on WhatsApp (soon!) The app is working on bringing the ability to edit text messages in one of the future updates. This news is making texters on WhatsApp feel like their prayers have been heard. How many times would you wish to change what you had written? One too many times.

feature deleted messages
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Now that this may finally be our reality, it’s time to go crazy with the texts. The app is still working out the kinks in the feature but we’re beyond excited.

You Can Finally Share Big Files

One of the new features in the latest update is that you can finally share files bigger than 2GB in WhatsApp chats. This will make it easier to use WhatsApp for more business-related purposes too as you now don’t have to move between another app and this one to share important files.

Sift Through Unread Chats

You can now also sift through unread chats. WhatsApp has released a new unread chat filter on the WhatsApp Desktop beta. This will make it easier for you to search for unread chat threads. So if you’ve been ignoring people but still need something from their chat window, you got it.

feature deleted messages
Image Source: The Economic Times

Undo-ing A Deleted Message

This has to be one of the best ones. This is also the kind of feature you may have been waiting for. Have you deleted a message for you by mistake? If yes, don’t worry about doing it now because WhatsApp is working on a new feature that lets users undo message deletion. How simple will life be?

Extra Layer of Security

feature deleted messages
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WhatsApp is already one of the most secure apps out there. This is because it has double encryption and also allows you to lock the app via fingerprint or face ID. However, it is now increasing its security. A double verification code is also coming.

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