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Making an error while typing and then trying to place the little cursor of your smartphone keypads exactly before a particular letter can get on your nerves. A recent video has brought a life-changing hack to light that tends to ease up this struggle.

The clip shows an incredible yet lesser-known use of the spacebar on your keypads. “How old were you when you discovered the spacebar on your phone isn’t just for spaces!” the text in the video reads.

The Viral Video 

The clip shows a person typing “make a mistake” in the text box using a mobile keypad. Then, surprisingly, he swipes the spacebar that makes the cursor move like a mouse pointer. The hack allows the user to easily reach between letters and eliminates the need to delete the entire text due to an error.

Although the feature is not new and is believed to have been there all this while, many seemed oblivious of it. In the video, a man reacts to the trick that leaves him in disbelief.

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Twitter Reacts

The video managed to amass nearly 400k views on Twitter and elicited varying reactions from users. This person was shocked to know of the trick and wondered what all her phone was capable of.

Some users seemed to be already aware of the hack and claimed that they had been using it. This one was quite surprised that very few knew of it and tagged it as “widespread knowledge”.

A user aware of the hack wrote, “iPhone issue, it always irritated me SO much that I can’t click somewhere in the text when I was writing something on an iPhone that I googled it and found this out.”





The keyboard feature has been available on iPhones since 2015, as per an Independent report. However, the feature isn’t just restricted to iPhones, android users can also benefit from it.

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We, on the other hand, tried our hands on the feature right away and were shocked at how convenient it is. What are your thoughts about the feature? Have you tried using it? Let us know in the comments below.

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