WhatApp has been one of the most convenient applications when it comes to communicating with family and friends, even business partners and clients abroad.

The application has changed over the years to provide even more effectiveness and convenience. Once again, the developers have rolled out 3 new features for their users.

1. Group Descriptions

Members of WhatsApp groups can now add 500 character descriptions to their profile. This is very useful for groups which are more business oriented, as it helps the new members understand what the platform is about.

2. Member Hunting

It can get very hard to find a member of a WhatsApp group if there are several members in it, let us say 50+. The member hunting feature will help you find a specific contact via search so that you can contact them directly without having to face much hassle.

3. Switch from Voice to Video

Previously, it was quite frustrating for some users to switch between voice and video calls. However, the new app update will take care of it with just a tap of the button!

Earlier this month, WhatsApp introduced ‘delete for everyone’, allowing users to delete ‘accidentally’ sent messages in a span of 7 minutes.

What do you think about WhatsApp’s new features?

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