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Samsung is a titan in the industry it resides in. It has products that can last for years to come, be it a smartphone or a smartwatch. No matter how many times you drop the phone it can still give you a result without compromising the screen. Of course, a hard drop can shatter any smartphone but Samsung phones are quite robust. Additionally, all of their products contain state-of-the-art embedded technology. Now, it seems that vivo has launched a new smartwatch as well.

From the features, it resembles the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Now the watch 4 is quite an impressive smartwatch that does not fail to impress the buyer. Can we say the same for the vivo watch? If they are following in the footsteps of the titan, then they have to make sure that they deliver their product well. If we put the vivo Watch 2 and Samsung Watch 4 side by side, there is little we can tell apart from afar. So, let us look at both of them up close.

vivo samrtwatch and samsung lookalike
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Samsung And A Look-Alike

While it does seem that the vivo watch is going to have a bezel-less display, the close look contradicts it. In fact, it seems the watch 2 has more than one large bezel on it, making it less up to the mark than Samsung. Additionally, while the picture render states that the watch has an in-built microphone, we cannot see it. It is almost as if they have rendered the image and design with deliberate changes to hide the things. However, is that really the truth or is it just that the company has not been able to compete with Samsung?

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It is not easy to replicate something that a flagship product is achieving. One would have to go above and beyond and conquer a whole mountain of development before it can be done. That said, did the company really try to outrank Samsung, or is it just a lookalike from afar? vivo has also stated that the watch 2 is going to have a GPS module, as well as a heart rate monitor. However, whether the watch actually contains that has yet to be seen.

vivo and samsung lookalike watches
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Excellence Replication

Even if we look at just the 7-day battery life of the vivo watch 2, it might not be enough to attract quite a lot of customers. A smartwatch is an investment and you want there to be multiple features present. The new Huawei watch is expected to have a blood pressure monitor. Now that is something that is worth having a glance at. Merely replicating the look of a flagship smartwatch is not the only metric that goes into making a good product.

smartwatch and vivo with samsung
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