smartphone camera concept by Vivo
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Technological developments have the power to alter a person’s perspective on anything. Inventors have a track record of being a little extra with their inventions. People did not expect the inventors to go through with it. However, when they did, the world cheered them on. A new vivo smartphone concept has been released; The concept encompasses something not many people could have thought of.

According to sources, when the concept was released, it shook people to the core. It seems so seamless that people cannot seem to move past it. They have been hooked on it since they first saw it. vivo is certainly making considerable developments. This is what the smartphone camera concept looks like:

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vivo With A Plan

If we look at this concept above, there is a lot that is bound to shock people. Firstly, the ability of a smartphone to store this drone is quite impressive. Despite being packed with electronics, the phone can still house a miniature drone. Secondly, the way the drone is seated within the tray itself is mind-blowing; Imagine, the drone can return to its initial position without a lot of guidance.

The concept gives us a glimpse of what life could be like with a smartphone. It would mean the beginning of a new era of phones. Instead of attached cameras, the phone will be able to release a drone in the air. However, we have yet to understand the workings behind this. For now, this is just a concept for us. We have seen many concepts before such as universal rotating tyres for cars. You may have seen such a car in the movie ‘I, Robot’. Of course, there have been many reactions to it on Twitter.

drone camera concept for vivo phone
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Coming In For A Landing

We hope that we get to see some form of real-life implementation of this concept. It would be fun to see such a product and an even bigger thrill to be able to use it. A lot of miniature drones could be left behind in the dust if this turns out to be a potential contender. Apart from that, we await any other news that vivo releases about this.

The world of smartphones is constantly changing. Where we used to see flip phones as all the rage, now we are seeing drone camera phone designs. Let us hope our own drone camera doesn’t get hacked and starts to chase after us!

Here we have some more twitter reactions!

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