video games heart attack
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According to a new study, video games can also cause heart attacks in young children if they have untreated cardiac problems. This new discovery problematizes new video games even more so than before. There is a clear link between video games and poor heart health – for how long will we let it go?

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The Context

According to a study, video games can cause heart attacks in kids with untreated cardiac problems. Some infants are born with cardiac arrhythmia, an erratic heartbeat, and may not be aware of it unless a scan reveals it.

video games heart attack
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In the UK, almost two million people have this illness, but they can nevertheless lead very normal lives. On the other hand, a flare-up can happen at any time and have serious repercussions, including loss of consciousness, cardiac arrest, and possibly even death. The untimely deaths of athletes have already been connected to these undiagnosed heart conditions, but now a connection has also been made with computer games.

What Was Discovered?

According to scientists, the disease can be brought on by excitement, adrenaline, and emotional investment. Data from various research studies were examined in the Heart Centre for Children in Sydney, Australia, and the connection was discovered.

video games heart attack
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Lead researcher for the study, Dr. Claire Lawley, stated: “Video games may pose a major risk to some kids with arrhythmic problems. In patients with predisposing, but frequently previously undiagnosed arrhythmic disorders, they may be fatal.”

Frequent Checking Is Necessary

Children who suddenly pass out while playing video games need to be evaluated by a heart specialist because this could be the first indication of a serious cardiac condition.

The investigation found 22 instances where children playing video games led to a loss of consciousness, with multiplayer war games being the most often used game at the time of the occurrence.

video games heart attack
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The adrenaline surge kids get from playing high-intensity games is thought to be what wakes up a dormant underlying heart problem in children. The researchers noted that vulnerable youth are most susceptible to cardiac events at moments of maximum emotional commitment, such as after a win or loss. Scientists are now urging parents to have their children get examined for potential heart problems if they have a history of passing out while playing video games.

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