Update: Italian automaker Vespa is returning to Pakistan with the launch of its new electric Scooter on 2nd March.

The bike will be launched by Piaggio group, the company which owns both Vespa and Derbi bikes.

Word on the street is that Ravi Autos wants to bring back Vespa in Pakistan. The Vespa will launch the Vespa Primavera, the ceremony will be held by Ravi Autos at Auto Show Expo, Lahore.

Recently, the company announced that soon it will launch the first electric scooters in 2018.

Update: One year ago, Vespa introduced the world to its first electric scooter, and now, they are ready to bring their scooty to the market, and man, it is ready to change the concept of scooters for good!

Unfortunately, the price is still unknown, however, what is known is that the Vespa Elettrica will have a range of 100 kilometers (62 miles). Once again, this depends on how the ride is utilized, as some people ride more than others.

However, comparatively, it is three times less than the 174-mile range of the 50cc Vespa Primavera, one of the most affordable scooters in the company’s current lineup. According to Vespa’s parent company, Piaggio, “no vehicle in the world is now as in line with zero-emission propulsion as Vespa,” Piaggio also coyly admits in the Elettrica press release that the scooter is “perfect for city environments.”

According to The Verge, Piaggio says buyers should expect about 10 years (or about 50,000 and 70,000 km) of use out of the Vespa Elettrica before those batteries bite the proverbial dust, and warns that after 1,000 charge cycles the scooter will only have about 80% of its original capacity.

On the other hand, those who are overly conscious about range or wear, Vespa will also sell a hybrid version with a gas-powered generator called the Elettrica X that can stretch to 200 kilometers (about 124 miles).

The Vespa comes with a  4.3-inch TFT color display, which shows information like speed and range and charge level. The company is to introduce the Vespa Elettrica app will allow users to connect to the scooter via Bluetooth so that the scooter can serve up messages and incoming phone calls. The app will also be able to relay diagnostic information about the scooter, as well as locate it on a map.

Piaggio is showing off the same silver scooter from last year, which is lined with an electric blue trim; the company says buyers will be able to customize that trim by choosing from seven different colors. The Elettrica X, meanwhile, comes standard, accented by a yellowish-orange trim.

Vespa has completed a very successful era of 70-years and to celebrate the company’s achievement, it launched a new, bold, dynamic, and futuristic-looking model, the new Vespa Primavera.

It brought its first scooter in 1968, and now in 2018, it is bringing forth its first electric scooter. It was in 1946 that the first Vespa, the legendary 98 cc, rolled out of the Pontedera works.

For its seventieth anniversary, Piaggio Group is paying tribute to the best-loved scooter of all time with a special version.

The powerful and sporty GTS is celebrating this important milestone with an exclusive color scheme based on the new Azzurro 70 and Grigio 70 colors. Also new is the personalization of the dark brown saddle with a contrasting beige trim and the Vespa Settantesimo logo.
Its livery is characterized by dedicated graphics on the sides and a name shield on the hatch of the front boot, while the rims are painted in a special non-standard color.

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The scooter is available in three different models, Primavera 50, Primavera 125, and the Primavera 150. According to the website, THE LEGEND BECOMES 2.0 The Primavera was a quintessentially Italian creation but it was thanks to this product that Vespa grew into a global phenomenon. An icon of style and freedom, it spread around the world, thanks also to the web, and became a unique hero of design for the young.

Now as then, the Vespa Primavera is a legendary, solid and manageable scooter whose detailing and colors are perfectly in line with international fashion trends, and whose technology is sensitive to environmental concerns. A vehicle that’s ideal for the fast and frequent reality of metropolitan mobility.

Eco-Friendly Technology

In terms of quality and safety, the technology in the Vespa Primavera marks a leap forward compared to current “small body” models: the new front suspension with the shock damper hinged to the base, 11” wheels, new digital instrumentation including a trip computer, LED daylights and tail light (on the 125 and 150cc) and a full range of engines that improve consumption and reduce emissions are all good for our planet too.

Special Series

The Touring Special Series gives a nod to the thousands of specially outfitted Vespas that have carried entire generations on tour all over the world.

The finishes are designed to spice up the Vespa’s compact and rigid body: the standard chromed luggage racks at both front and rear considerably increase the vehicle’s load carrying capacity, while the rounded and transparent fly screen wraps around the Vespa “eye” to raise the level of protection.

The saddle, made of last generation materials, makes the Vespa look even more elegant but what really highlights the classic style of the legend and enhances its compactness is the color of the plastic side elements encasing the lower part of the vehicle, in tone with the body itself.
The Vespa Touring comes standard with the agile side kickstand, the handiest solution for parking, and is unmistakable with the “Touring” wording on the vehicle’s controscudo.

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