Ushna Shah has a message for all the fans out there who are married or about to get married. While talking about privacy issues the actress noted that one must never hide their phone from their spouse.

Ushna Shah At ‘Hud Kardi’

During the recent episode of Hud Kardi with Momin Saqib, the actress was sharing her thoughts on husbands hiding their phones from their wives. During the interview, the comedian asked the newly married actress a question that is often seen as controversial.

‘Should wives check their husband’s phone?’

“Why and what kind of secrets do men have for them to hide their phones from their wives? If they want to keep things secret and do certain kinds of things, then why even bother to get married?”

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“There should never be a need of a wife checking her husband’s phone. However, if a wife picks up her husband’s phone, then the husband should never feel threatened. Thankfully I don’t have that problem. Especially the husbands who keep their phone upside down on the table. These kinds of things must not happen. I feel like after getting married there shouldn’t be any phone codes or passwords hidden from your spouse.”

While talking about her own experience with her husband the actress mentioned that she is lucky to have a husband who understands this and that’s how she knew she was going to marry him.

“He put up my face ID on his phone without even me asking him to do it. This was the first thing he ever did and never even asked for mine. I gave my phone to him, and he was like just take my phone whenever you need it.”

What are your thoughts on partners checking each other’s phones? Share your views in the comments below.

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