Nadia Jamil
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Nadia Jamil’s ruskhsati story might waver off all your Monday blues as the actress took to Twitter to share loving details about her father and her husband from her wedding day.

Nadia Jamil Rukhsati Moments

The actress shared with her fans all the intricate details of her rukhsati moments from getting off the stage without saying goodbye to giving her salami back to her mother and later having burgers on her wedding night.

She wrote about her father staying strong at her rukhsati and how she couldn’t manage to keep her tears back as soon as she got into the car.

“I told Halaku if my father starts crying, I would not be able to leave him. The first night I will be spending at my father’s house So. All night Halaku was stressed about Baba crying at the Rukhsati. And he warned his family. Pyaray Baba was super chill for me. He knew I would not leave easily if he wept. So, he smiled like a champion. May he be in the highest ranks of Jannah.” She wrote.

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Later, she added how she started crying as soon as she sat in the car and later found herself along with her husband to a burger joint, they met for the first time.

“Once the car turned a corner I started howling, tears streaming down my face. Halaku asked me “Have you eaten?” I shook my head and sniffed. Then he said: “Would you like to eat a burger?” I sniffed and nodded. So, he told me to take my earrings and necklace off and put it in the dashboard. And called his dad and mom to say, we are going for a drive and will come home soon. Apparently, his dad had done the same with my mother-in-law so understood.”

This sure is the sweetest wedding night story we have heard in ages. If you have a similar story to share, comment down below.

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