Saboor Aly is enjoying her time on vacation in Baku. Meanwhile, the fans are not happy as they are calling out the actress for wearing revealing clothes and not having any shame for posting such foul pictures publicly on social media.

Saboor Aly In Baku

Saboor and Baku must be a match made in heaven. As the actress seems to be gleaming on her vacation abroad. Posing in a green crop top matching her wide-leg pants. Saboor Aly is seen sharing snippets from her vacation on her social media.

The netizens however are not happy with her for wearing revealing clothes and the public is sharing their two cents about why she must stop posing on social media. According to the critics, this type of dressing sense doesn’t represent us being a Muslim.

Take a look at her pictures from her vacation abroad below.

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Netizen’s Response To The Post

Since netizens doesn’t seem to get happy on anything the celebrities do, the issue that tops this list is the actors wearing revealing clothes. From playing religion card to commenting on morality and following in the footsteps of westerners’ every possible comment was found under her Instagram post.

Here’s what they had to say on her pictures.


Image source: instagram
Image source: instagram

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