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Umer Sharif is a legend when it comes to comedy. Whenever he would be on the stage, you could stay assured that Pakistanis will be entertained. While many know about his footprint on comedy, it is a lesser-known fact that he was always up and about when the current Prime Minister of Pakistan needed help in the funding of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital years ago.

The comedian, Umer Sharif

Umer Sharif is having health issues. He took to a news channel that the doctor has said he can get the best treatment abroad. But it is clear that he cannot afford it at the moment. He has recently appealed to the government but specifically PM Imran Khan, for help. He said that he has always answered PM’s call in any matter he has been requested. So he has full faith in Imran Khan answering his call as well.

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Trust the gen Z to make a cause they dearly believe in, go viral. And they did! Within a few hours of news channels covering Umer Sharif and his appeal, the clip was trending all over social media.

The government responds

After the clip became a trending topic on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, the Pakistani government finally took notice. Spokesperson & Special Assistant to Prime Minister of Pakistan on Political Communication took to Twitter their response by retweeting Waseem Badami’s tweet with a comment. Dr. Shahbaz Gill said that on the directive of the PM, the Prime Minister’s office is in contact with him. He also added that the office is in contact with Waseem Badami to get more information on the matter. As soon as the officials receive further updates, the help will be dispatched.

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SAPM concluded the tweet by saying that they will keep the people informed on the matter.

Interestingly, Umer Sharif mentioned in his clip that whenever Imran Khan needed help, he would call the comedian. This implies that they had each other’s contact. Then why did the comedian needed to enlist the news channel’s help?

Could it be that people restrict contact with the PM? Well, only the Prime Minister can diffuse the mystery. Until then, let’s be satisfied with the fact that Umer Sharif is finally getting the help he urgently needs.

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