So what is social media buzzing about today? Twitter’s new update! Yes, the social media website loved by millions for sharing their opinions just got a makeover. While putting aside our own reaction to it, we took a note of what everyone else is saying about it. A lot of the opinions mirror our own.

Still no edit option?

Ever had to delete your tweet because you made a typo? Yes, we have been there too. The cringeworthy moment can be avoided if there was an option to edit your tweets after you tweeted them. But no, Twitter just doesn’t care about us.

Because if it did, we would all have been very excited.

How else would we get Covefefe?

Because round is better?

Is it my eyesight?

If it ain’t broken..


Some people just want the world to burn

Round profile pictures? Why?

So much work today!

Poor lucky people!

So what do you think about the new Twitter Update?