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Yasir Hussain is known to be very choosy when it comes to doing projects. Every once in a while you would see him either performing on the theatre stage, on a television screen, or in cinema. For every performance, he gives his utmost. And now, he is gearing up for his upcoming movie, Javed Iqbal.

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Yasir Hussain in & as Javed Iqbal

The actor, some time ago, released the poster of the movie and it attracted a number of eyeballs and not just because of Yasir. The poster read Javed Iqbal and that was enough. While we have not had many serial killers, Javed Iqbal was one of the most ruthless ones. He was filed for having murdered a hundred children. That too, after he surrendered to the police station.

Now, we all know that our dramas may be laced with saas-bahu problems but we are a sucker for dark mystery thrillers. The poster had already gotten us excited, and the trailer has us just out of our minds.

Javed Iqbal trailer

In the trailer, you can see quite a lot happening. You see numerous faces. Ayesha Omar is amongst the most iconic ones as she runs around the streets in the police uniform. But what leaves us with goosebumps is the stats-filled voiceover by Yasir Hussain. Giving voice to the character of Javed Iqbal, the creepy voice of Yasir Hussain states, in what obviously seems like a police interrogation, the population of the city. He said that according to the population and that rate of reproduction, no one would really notice if a ‘few’ kids went missing.

Scary thought!

He went on to say that the police were asking him the wrong questions. He wanted them to ask the why. The trailer tells us that Javed Iqbal wanted to be heard.

Are we sure we want to convey this angle to the masses?

Have a look at the trailer yourself!

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The trailer gives goosebumps, for sure. The whole world makes such content it was only us Pakistanis who did not. That said, we are a very impressionable nation and one that takes action to extreme levels. Take incidents such as Srilankan man burning, for instance.

With Javed Iqbal, we are giving potential criminals the idea that through their crimes they will be eternalized. Because of this, crimes as horrendous as the murder of innocent children may just increase by a landslide.

That said, the work seems to be worthy of appreciation so we will definitely go to the cinemas on December 24th, will you?

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