Toyota Passo and Kia Picanto Comparison
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There are many vehicles out there today. If one goes out to purchase one, they may have quite a distance to look before finding one they like. There are so many brands, one cannot even think between purchasing local or importing. If we take a look at one import and one local produce, we can find quite the vehicles to compare. In light of that, we have Toyota Passo and Kia Picanto with us today. One can be found within an import range and the other runs robustly within the country itself.

kia picanto and toyota passo
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The Comparison

So, what is it about these vehicles that is going to make you turn your head towards them? Firstly, the Toyota Passo is a compact vehicle with a 3-cylinder 1000cc engine that can deliver quite a lot of power. It is a vehicle that has comfortable seating and can last the driver for a long time without wanting to get out and stretch. Additionally, it offers a wide range of operations due to the many features that it has. The car can dish out a fuel average of 16 kilometers to the liter on a decent drive and has a CVT transmission.

Just like that, the Kia Picanto has a lot to offer to the driver. The vehicle is available in two types of transmission; manual and automatic. It has a 1000cc engine which can last well in dire conditions. The vehicle has a tough chassis and a signature design which makes it stand out among the competitors. Picanto can easily give you more than 14 kilometers to the liter for a fuel average, which is quite impressive for this vehicle. If tested on a long drive, it could give a higher average. Apart from that, its range of colors is quite high too!

passo with a comparison to picanto
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The Verdict

With everything said, we think that the choice boils down to the preference of the buyer. IF they wish to go for an import vehicle that has premium features, then Passo is the way to go. It can last a long while and really dishes out the features that it has. The Toyota Passo can be bought in a used condition here at about Rs.22-23 Lacs.

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As opposed to this, the Kia Picanto can even be bought in a brand new condition in less time. Additionally, its used variants cost about Rs.20 lac on the market. If you wish to have a long-running compact vehicle with a robust body and good features, then Picanto is the way to go. It costs less and gives a decent average. We think it would be a nice buy.

comparison in two compact cars
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