car prices of brands in 2021
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Vehicles are coming into Pakistan at quite a tremendous pace. Despite there being a pandemic out there, the production of vehicles has not halted. In fact, you can see quite a difference in the prices of vehicles now. We have quite a lot of robust and popular brands in Pakistan and all of them are releasing cars by the dozen. However, since the car prices have changed, there has not been a lot of news that has reported this. We thought to tell you exactly what the updated cost of the vehicles is now.

If we are to talk about the brands here, there are quite a few to name. These are some that reside at the top of the food chain, as champions, and they are present here. Yes, we are talking about Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, and KIA. While we are not comparing any of the vehicle prices with each other, we are mentioning all of them here.

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Here are the car prices for 2021


  • Corolla Grande CVTi (Beige Interior) – Rs.4,079,000/-
  • Corolla Grande CVTi (Black Interior) – Rs.4,099,000/-
  • Camry Hi-Spec – Rs.18,630,000/-
  • Hilux Revo A/T – Rs.7,779,000/-
  • Fortuner Sigma 4 A/T – Rs.9,849,000/-
toyota camry and car prices in 2021
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  • Civic X Turbo RS – Rs.5,049,000/-
  • Civic X Oriel – Rs.4,259,000/-
  • BRV S CVT – Rs.3,599,000/-
brv s and prices of car 2021
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  • Alto VX – Rs.1,508,000/-
  • Alto VXL – Rs.1,704,000/-
  • Wagon R VXR – Rs.1,760,000/-
  • Wagon R VXL – Rs.1,852,000/-
  • Cultus VXR – Rs.1,904,000/-
  • Cultus VXL – Rs.2,105,000/-
cultus with new variant and new prices
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  • Sportage FWD – Rs.5,150,000/-
  • Sportage AWD – Rs.5,650,000/-
  • Picanto M/T – Rs.2,050,000/-
  • Picanto A/T – Rs.2,150,000/-
  • Grand Carnival GLS+ – Rs.9,999,000
kia grand carnival with prices
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That said, we hope to see more and more people purchase these vehicles in the coming time. There is no doubt that they have impressive specifications and are worth an investment. In the end, it all boils down to the preference of the driver.

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