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PUBG Mobile has become one of the most widely played games of all time. It all started off from a tournament and it has developed into something more. You can find quite a lot of players on the map these days. A person does not even have to wait long before finding an online match. The pandemic has only helped in speeding up the popularity of the game. Being forced indoors has brought a lot of people together through PUBG Mobile. However, there are certain tips and strategies to this game.

When you are released on a map with 100 other players, your survival chances may not be too high. If you land in a player infested region, you might find yourself dead before you even pick up a melee weapon. So, what are these tips that can last a player till the end of a PUBG Mobile match? There must be something that we can do to survive till the end.

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1. Don’t Engage In Unnecessary Firefights

It takes quite a lot of brain to know when to attack and when to defend. Many times, you may get an opportunity to shoot a passerby player. However, if you are not armoured and armed well, picking a fight could land you in deep waters. What if the other player has a long-range weapon and you have a shotgun? Pick your fights cleverly. Sometimes, it is better to hide and wait till the perfect moment strikes.

how to win and survive till the end in game
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2. Stick With Your Teammates

If you are playing with a squad, it would not do well to run off and attempt a solo match. You may come face to face with a whole enemy squad. It takes an immense amount of skill to do a squad wipe so it is better to stick with your team. This way, you can keep pushing forward till the end, without being in big trouble.

tips on how to survive longer in game
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3. Go From Cover To Cover

If you are playing solo and a highly defensive game, then it is better to keep moving whilst in cover. If you are in an open area, we suggest you go prone and slowly make your way out of the area. People may not shoot you in the open area, but they might tail you for a while and shoot you when you least expect it. It is always recommended that you take cover when under fire or when crossing open areas.

taking cover in game for survival
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4. Wait For Health Regeneration

You don’t want to run into a firefight when your health is low. It is better to hide away and let it regenerate for a while before going back in. It is also wise to use the medical kit before re-engaging in a battle. Revival can be difficult when teammates are far away or dead so make sure you hide for regeneration. Apart from that, keep extra health packs on you for quick healing.

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5. Know Where To Land

This must be emphasised quite a lot. How you start a PUBG match can depend a lot on where you land. If you are in a player-infested area, you might want to salvage as quick as possible, with whatever weapon and armour you can get. If you are in an empty area with fewer supplies, you might have to hide for a while before coming upon good drops. So, it is of utmost importance that you know where you are landing. If you wish to play it safe, landing in a residential area can be beneficial.

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6. Keep An Eye On the Play Area

The map gets smaller as time progresses in PUBG mobile. It is an important survival tip that you know where the map is going to pinpoint the shrink zone next. This way, you can plan in advance and lie in wait for approaching players. You can always hide near the end of the shrink zone and pick off players as they struggle to enter the safe zone.

pubg mobile and survival tips
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