underrated mobile games to play
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Gaming is one of the best ways to pass the time and even improve upon new skills. While it may not be said as much but gaming enhances a lot of mental skills. It even increases response time. One cannot be expected to do gaming and not learn anything from it. Reaction time increases when you play shooter games and playing puzzle games improves your logic-building skills. Today, we have a list of some underrated mobile games.

They may not be the most graphics-intensive ones or the most popular ones, but they are worth a glance. Who knows, maybe you find yourself hooked to any of them so let’s dive right in!

1. Swordigo

This is one of the mobile games that have side-scroller gameplay. It is a platformer that guides the player through numerous levels. As a warrior, you wield a sword and must navigate through different paths and narratives. The music and gameplay have a vibe of the first ‘Prince of Persia’ game so you can expect to shed a tear or two.

2. Tiny Gladiators 2

This is a game that has a similar feel to ‘Shadow fighting’. However, this game is focused on a vibrant world filled with quests to do. You are a gladiator, who is pitted against various opponents throughout the game. It is a one-on-one fighting game with historic vibes. Russel Crowe would be proud!

3. Neo Monsters

While it may not have the best storyline, it certainly brings back a lot of memories from older games. This is certainly an underrated game that belongs on this list. You take the wheel in the form of a warrior who has an arsenal of monsters. Play for hours in this turn-based ‘Pokemon’ themed game. It even has a PvP mode!

4. Ninja Arashi 2

The story of this game follows from the first one. However, this one can be played on its own too. You are, once again, set in the footsteps of the Ninja as you fight to save his son. The atmosphere of the game is similar to the first one, with added difficulty in levels. Additionally, the gameplay feels more immersive.

5. Dicast: Rules Of Chaos

If you are a fan of dice and board games as well as card ones, you will love this game. It is a combination of all of them alongside action sequences too. You can pay by yourself or against an entire community of players. However, this remains as of the most underrated mobile games of today. Do check it out!

6. Blade Master

You are an eternal spinning blade in this one. You must navigate through blocks and blocks of points and ravage through them. Apart from that, you earn coins as you do so and progress in each of the levels. It is definitely a fun and underrated game if you are looking to kill some time so check it out.

7. Card Thief

This is a simple yet engaging game. It draws its rules and gameplay from solitaire. However, this game has a more fun-filled vibe and RPG elements. You play as a thief in the card. One must steal the treasure and make it to victory, whilst avoiding a deck of obstacles so make clever moves.

8. That Level Again

This is a game that certainly tests your logical skills. It puts you at the feet of a protagonist who must save his wife from danger. The game is simple, it has just one level. However, elements of that same level are altered every time you clear it. It is definitely full of fun and is one of the most underrated mobile games. Oh, and it has two sequels so keep yourself prepared.

9. Soul Knight

This mobile game puts you in the driving seat of a knight. However, the addition is that they can wield guns and other weapons. Try out this area-based PvE game that has quite a player base. However, compared to other games in this league, it is quite underrated. There is a lot to do so you will no get bored.

10. Bullet Echo

One may not be able to praise this game as much as it actually deserves. It is a top-down game with battle royale elements. You are released in an arena with teammates and you must hunt down the other players. You are given drops of ammunition and health all over the map. There is a huge weapon collection and character selection to choose from. You must navigate the map using a flashlight and listening to player footsteps.

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