Alkhidmat Foundation, one of the most prominent NGOs in Pakistan, has launched an initiative, ‘Bano Qabil’, in hopes of providing financial stability to the deserving youth. President of AlKhidmat Foundation Engr Hafiz Naeem ur Rehman announced the programme on Monday.

Stakeholders and different educational platforms have also collaborated with the organisation. In order to provide an avenue for the younger generation to receive an education free of cost. The job-oriented skill development project features information technology-based courses.

The initiative hopes to empower the new generation by providing a platform to those who cannot afford education from a regular system.

The Launch Event

Alkhidmat CEO Naveed Ali Baig, APTECH CEO Iqbal Yousuf, Shameem Rajani from PASHA, Innovators Solutions MD Tahir Aziz, Social Entrepreneur Rehan Allahwala, and other notables addressed the ceremony, which was held in a local hotel on Monday.

The speakers emphasised the need for the upcoming generation to get rightful skills to strengthen their careers and support a lifestyle.

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The Idea Behind The Program 

‘Bano Qabil’ program help students of schools and colleges get primary education in the information technology department. Different educational institutions have collaborated with the organisation to provide education to students free of cost. These organisations will also help students to get jobs in different locations of the country. While helping them to sustain themselves and their families and start earning respectably.

The Bano Qabil initiative will significantly benefit talented students in getting acquainted with the latest technology while also preparing them for self-employment through freelancing platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork.

Partnered Organisations 

Alkhidmat has partnered with well-known; IT concerns APTECH and CISCO. These institutions have devised a broad-scale Scholarship Program offering Diploma as well as Certificate courses in IT and Skill Development to Karachi’s students.

These courses were designed in collaboration with academia and industry. Various industry associations such as PASHA and PSEB will be endorsing these courses. The program will also take leading tech universities onboard for technical guidance and support.


Around 30,000 students have enrolled in the program until now. However, about 2,000 will be selected initially through a purpose-designed Aptitude Test. Those selected will receive various tiers of scholarships, including some, which will provide a 100% rebate on tuition fees. Initially, a Mobile App and website are launched where students can register themselves and select the course of their choice out of the various modules on offer.

We, at Brandsynario, reached out to Alkhidmat Foundation to get all the details regarding the ‘Bano Qabil’ program. Here’s everything they had to say about the initiative.

Brandsynario: What was the idea behind the program?

AKF: We wanted to ensure that students in schools and colleges do not skip their education. That is why we launched this program which will help the deserving and needy students study free of cost. 

BS: Which subjects are included in the program, and how the criteria are set for enrollment?

AKF: The program offers education in the IT sector. The students can enrol in the program by registering through a mobile application.

Brandsynario: How many students have enrolled uptil now?

AKF: We have recieved 30,000 applications since the launch of the program. However,  we will enroll the students after scrutiny and an aptitude test. 

Brandsynario: Are there any educational institutions behind the structure of the curriculum?

AKF: Yes, we have partnered with some institutions that will plan out the curriculum for respective courses.

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Brandsynario: What are the future job prospects?

AKF: Students enrolled in courses will get be able to get jobs in the firms which have partnered with us for the program. Meanwhile, students can also start their careers as a freelancer.

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