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Father’s Day of 2022 was the first one everybody could celebrate with love and joy post-COVID-19. It was also one of the hardest ones as many lost their fathers in the past two years. Thus, the Father’s Day campaigns of this year hit close to home. They were well-curated and well-founded. Have a look at the best ones:

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Proton Pakistan

Proton Pakistan is a car brand and so, their campaign was also centered around that. They bring in the idea that for fathers cars are everything until you meet those whom you can sacrifice anything for. The ad is a beautiful video showing children enjoying themselves with their father in their family car.

Diamond Paints

Diamond Paints outdid themselves with their Father’s Day ad. It shows a son who keeps underestimating his father, thinking he’s from the past era. The father is shown with a sullen face many times until the son realizes the father can do a lot. The last lines of the ad, “khamoshi orre bare loug” who may be behind us but know more are what will stay in our hearts and minds.


Momse is a premium diaper brand in Pakistan. Their ad is also one of the most adorable one’s we’ve seen. It shows a daughter reading out her letter to her father in which she asks, “why won’t he express himself?” It’s an important lesson for desi dads!

Dolmen Mall

Dolmen Mall’s father’s day campaign was a little different. They came out with a new initiative rather than an ad and it also blew us away. For the first time ever, they have introduced changing stations for babies in men’s washrooms too. The hashtag accompanying it is, “ItsOkayToChange” which is brilliant. We love a father’s day that is this progressive.

Geo TV

Who thought GEO TV would have its own Father’s Day campaign? Well, they do and it’s one of the most thoughtful ones also. What Geo did was that it compiled some of the most cutest and impactful scenes from their dramas with a voiceover to commemorate the efforts of all fathers. Watch the video, it’ll definitely bring tears to your eyes.

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