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Twitter is a platform where people often come to break news or have a fun conversation or troll entities. A case in point would be Twitterati trolling India and Afghanistan. But occasionally, Twitter does become a conversation starter just like for this Pakistani girl.

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Pakistani girl on Twitter

A Pakistani girl made use of the platform to call out all men on their lack of planning in day-to-day lives. She must have felt exasperated at how the men around her reacted to planning. This is why she was pretty specific in calling these men out. She quoted men and the phrases they use such as ‘dekhtey hain‘ (we’ll see) and ‘kuch karte hain‘ (we’ll do something).

Other girls also rallied behind her post confirming that the hypothesis could indeed be generalized. One said that her inference of the ‘dekhain ge‘ was their way of getting out of a situation.

Pakistani men defend themselves

This is the fun part of Twitter when you call someone out on Twitter. The person being questioned also has the option to reply. Hence, you can expect what happened. Men decided to give this Pakistani girl what they thought was a proper response.

Throwing in words, one person said that the girl was confusing pragmatism with procrastination. He said that men do not flee from challenges. In fact, they use such statements only when they do not have full information yet they will take the case on. So this is their indicator that they are ready to test the waters.

Another man accepted this allegation though. He, in fact, shared that a screenshot of a conversation with a friend where he actually said ‘dekhte hain‘.

One other Pakistani man took the opportunity to jokingly call women out by saying that it is the women who need to stop annoying the man because these phrases mean that they have taken the matter under consideration.

Two more interpretations come forward. One is that they need time before responding properly. And the other is that even the men don’t know what they will be doing.

The girl has indeed sparked a conversation. And now that we think about it, she is surely not wrong. Tell us, how many men in your life have reacted this way? Or does it not happen with you. Let us know in the comments below.

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