rishta culture pakistani girls
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Rishta culture is the single most toxic culture that exists in our society or better yet in all of South Asia. It has ruined mental healths, driven people to develop low self-esteem and is tough on so many young hearts and minds. Here’s how people are exposing it and writing against it.

The Thread on Twitter

This girl’s tweet spiralled into a thread on Twitter. She ranted about the rishta culture on Twitter in which she found out what a woman had said to a young girl. The rishta aunty commented on the girl’s hair with such a small-minded comment that it has left many baffled. Here’s what was said:

People’s Responses

Netizens on Twitter were shocked and surprised at this comment. People are now having enough of these mindless comments, irrelevant hate and whatnot in the rishta culture. This barrage of comments on possible replies and feelings is showing us just how angry millennials are:

Who Is At Fault?

Many people shared how it was not the rishta aunty at fault here, the girl’s parents. Rishta aunties are notorious for this kind of behaviour and thinking. Haven’t we learnt enough from Indian Matchmaking?

People have questions for the parents. Why would they let their daughter be treated this way by a stranger who espouses this mindset? Why would they invite such a person to their home? The reality, however, is not that ideal. 

Our culture has taught us collectively that it is the most shameful thing for parents if their daughters are not married. It has taught women that being scrutinised this way and commented on like this is normal. It is for their own benefit. 

rishta culture pakistani girls
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Other Experiences

Many others also felt confident enough to share their experiences. Here are all the horrifying things/words they have been subjected to. Whether it is ridiculous or hilarious, we can not tell. All we know is that women deserve better.

The Brewing Change

However, if this thread has taught us anything, it is that change is brewing. Millennials are now coming together to put an end to this culture and this toxicity. Netizens and young minds alike are realising that people do not need to change. Especially women do not have to change, the culture has to.

 This system has ruined lives for far too long to continue now. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

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