Marketing can never be black and white, there’s always a grey area to it, and often it can leave you scratching your head. In a similar instance, a video from a local apparel brand is going viral on social media for being unique and we can’t help but wonder if it is mind-blowing or mediocre.

H&S Marketing Video

H&S Apparel posted a video on their social media platforms over the weekend. The video was CCTV footage filmed outside their outlet. At a glance, it seemed like it was a robbery video with men roaming around on bikes caught on camera. However, after a few minutes, all of them gather and wave at the camera while pointing toward the store. The video then transition to the advertisement where the brand’s collection was being shown.

Take a look at the official video below.

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Ever since the video went viral on social media, netizens have been commenting about the comedic element despite the video being humorless. For some, it was the choice of song that didn’t sit well with the video. Meanwhile, for others, the whole idea of creating suspense around the robbery was dull and had no coherence or relevance to the ad.

Regardless, the netizens have had a good laugh and the mixed reviews are still pouring in even after the weekend is long gone.

What are your thoughts about this unique marketing campaign for the apparel brand? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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