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You’ve heard of rent-a-car, but have you heard of rent-a-bro? It’s the latest service being offered in Karachi and it’s weirding people out. Unfortunately, it is a sign of our generation’s loneliness due to absorption into technology— we now need to rent friends!

Rent-a-Bro – @rentabrokhi on Instagram

This service has been started recently and is the first of its kind in Karachi. Their social media has merely 100ish followers which shows that either they haven’t tapped into the market or there is no… market. The rent-a-bro system is created by these anonymous people for a number of reasons.

Their posts suggest that if you’ve just had a breakup, feel lonely, or simply need a companion, rent a brother via their service. In short, they’re giving one friend but on rent. You pay for the ‘brother’.

Details of Service

They have also created a comprehensive list of service guidelines. Firstly, a brother can be rented by anyone. The ‘brothers’ they have are apparently ‘wise, intelligent’ and ‘balanced weight’ individuals. We’re not sure why weight matters here but let’s move on! 

Additionally, the age range of brothers is from 25-40 years old. According to them, the Brothers’ picture will not be shared before because that is only needed for matrimonial services. It appears they have made a proper system based on demand and supply however, we’re unsure of the demand. How many people do you know who would pay for a ‘brother’?

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Really Passionate Posts

The social media manager is clearly someone with a lot of emotions. Have a look at the emotional and passionate posts being made to encourage people to hire ‘brothers’.

Security and Other Concerns

We hope rent-a-bro has security issues considered before they launch this service. This is very similar to having a sugar daddy except that this is in Karachi and for males only. Many times the ‘brother’ can be called and then threatened or have their lives risked. What then?

Moreover, there should be a greater check and balance on those who do ask for a ‘brother’. Provided that sexual harassment and molestation cases are at a sky-high for boys as well, this service might just be risking it. Though it is an interesting idea, there’s no two ways about it. It is incredibly strange. People should not be encouraged to pay for companionship. Companionship is the only thing money couldn’t buy before!

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