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Who thought we could see a day where we would be able to try every kind of dish in our traditional handi? Yes, you heard that right. And while we have seen limca, tea, handi, biryani, and many other things served in a matka, Pizza is not one of them, or let us rephrase; Pizza was not one of them. Sorry to all the Italians, this is a Pakistani thing.

Matka Pizza

New street food on the block is a Matka Pizza that is going viral for all the right reasons. Those who have tried it have a lot to say about it. At the same time, those who haven’t can’t wait to dig in one. And while we still can’t wrap our head around the dish, let us break down how it looks and tastes like.

The Matka Pizza offers a blend or mixture of every ingredient you can find on a pizza. Since the inside of a Matka is not flat, there is no possible way to line it with dough. However, bread is broken down into different pieces and mixed with all the other ingredients, including cheese, hot sauce, herbs, olives, and the veggies of your choice. Then you mix it, pour it into the clay pot, and top it off with more cheese and vegetables. Then to cook it, all you need to do is bake it in your microwave until the cheese is all meltdown. Seems rather easy, right? But does it taste good or not? We will leave it to the twitter reviews.

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Twitter Reacts 

While the Twitter user shared the snippet from the eatery as she questioned the creativity levels of Pakistanis, the majority was eager to try and comment on the taste themselves. However, those who have tried it already went on about how overpriced and overrated this dish is.

Take a look at some of the comments.

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While the recipe is not something that can’t be made at home, it sure has put a different spin on our beloved Pizza. However, the question is whether you would like to try this or stick to a more conventional form?

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