Bizzare or Not? Stuffed Maggi Mirch Leaves Internet Divided
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Green chili is a versatile vegetable, without which, no dish, especially a desi ones, is complete. You might have heard of a lot about different renditions of green chili; from peri bites to chili pakora and much more. Thanks to human curiosity and kitchen adventurers, there are so many dishes we can come up with. One such adventurer tried to make stuffed Maggi mirch, and the internet was divided at the sight.

Maggi lovers have no chill. You can either love it or hate it, there is no in-between. It is because of that we have come across some extreme renditions of maggi, such as Maggi falooda, Maggi pizza, Maggi ladoo, Maggi Pani puri, and last but not the least, Maggi ice cream.

Stuffed Maggi Mirch 

Someone took to their Twitter account to share their innovation with the world. The green chilies were cut half in the middle and are filled with cooked Maggi noodles. The first look at the picture had us dreading the idea. However, this must be exciting for people who are used to eating raw chilies with their food. This could be why most of the people were ready to accept it.

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Lets’s take a look at some of the reactions and ideas people came up with, of their own.

We were not kidding when we said that people are willing to try this with a little bit of improvisation. 

Someone didn’t even think twice from drizzling all that cheese on the chili. Well, we can’t help but admire her bravery to try this. 

A hilarious take on the recipe because sometimes sarcasm is the answer to everything?

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See? People and their innovations. Someone even brought chickpeas to the party. 

What do you think about this recipe? Would you rather pass it or try it? Without further ado, let us know in the comments below.

That said, we can’t help but wonder what the next Maggi combination would be and whether we would be willing to try it or not?

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