foods better sleep
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A good night’s sleep keeps away a lot of demons, be it doctors, illness or crankiness that ruins days. However, a good night’s sleep is neither available to all nor that easy to have. So what limits this experience for us? For starters, it’s food. Did you know there are special foods that promote better sleep? This piece will tell you all about them including some diet options!

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Dry fruits are one of your best bets if you want to have good sleep without having fatty foods. Walnuts have been found to be an excellent thing to have before bed because they release the sleep hormone melatonin quickly! They’re nutrient rich and improve heart health too, get your packet ASAP.

foods better sleep
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The next contender on the list is from the same family. If you’re desi, you know ‘badaamo wala doodh’ is something many of us grew up on. Let’s be real too, the sleep after that was sinful. So that should be proof enough that almonds knock you out. However, the science is that almonds are full of melatonin. Besides that, they also reduce inflammation in your body including the stress hormone cortisol.


They are a very low-calorie and nutritious food. Kiwi’s regulate the production of serotonin in your brain which is linked to the regulation of sleep cycle. In a study where participants had one kiwi before bedtime, not only did they fall asleep faster, they also woke up less and slept longer.

foods better sleep
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Fatty Fish

Fish like salmon, tuna and trout are great to put you to sleep. You already know they’re rich in many forms of vitamins. However, they’re especially rich in Vitamin D and that is linked to deeper sleep.

foods better sleep
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Whole-wheat Toast

One whole-wheat toast before bedtime can do wonders for you if you’re dieting. A whole-wheat toast is an example of complex carbohydrates that trigger the production of serotonin in your body. They are also easily digestible so everything is perfect.

Bowl of Oatmeal

Yes, many might make a face at this but it’s true. A bowl of oatmeal is also a complex carbohydrate’s example. It digests easily, is warm and comforting, and is also full of nutrients. This bowl will also release serotonin in your body to put you to sleep.

foods better sleep
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