Beauty standards and what is deemed as a perfect feature, or a beauty notion has changed over decades. What was perceived as beautiful decades ago might not be considered the same in today’s world. Likewise, certain beauty standards are more prevalent and considered more beautiful today. However, the major difference between the two is the presence of social media and how it has redefined the standards of beauty. Research suggests that social media use has greatly contributed to dissatisfaction with the body and eating disorders.

How Social Media Influences Beauty Standards?

The use of social media has turned our lives into an idea that we must always look picture-perfect. With perfectly swept locks and plumped lips, a sun-kissed look, and airbrushed skin. Studies show that the correlation between negative body image and time spent on social media is especially true when the content consumed on social media is appearance-related. Comparing ourselves to the ideal beauty standards can badly hurt our body image. Furthermore, the accessibility to photoshop and filters can further derange the idea of beauty coming in all shapes and sizes since these filters specifically cater to modifying features.

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Sharing edited pictures and videos on social media isn’t just related to sharing content where you feel content with yourself. The constant validation which is sought out with likes and comments in disguise leaves a trail of temporary euphoria. This feeling of getting compliments from those around you often feels like a drug. This leads to an obsession with edited content where the person’s image is split into outsider’s standards of beauty which certainly doesn’t sit well with their inner critic. This sure is a recipe for disaster and can develop serious self-esteem issues in the long run.

Social Media Is A Culprit 

Despite many brands taking adversity on like a pro, the concept of individuality and acceptance is still very much neglected. The beauty campaigns run on social media platforms offer a substandard standpoint of beauty. With a slim waist and contoured cheeks, this idea is subconsciously engraved into the human mind that they need to look a certain way further leading to body dissatisfaction and body image issues.

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With new beauty apps and social media tools coming out every day, the body changes depicted online are ever-changing. While the negative aspects of social media on beauty are widely discussed, measures must be taken to develop an interest in body positivity while using social media as a medium for self-acceptance.

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