salt bae sued employees
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It appears the good ol’ days of fame and success have come to a tragic end for Salt Bae who has been sued by his workers. His employees have filed many complaints against him which they will now pursue against him in court. How much more is there to people behind their social media? Salt Bae is anything but what he looked like

Salt Bae Sued

The Turkish chef and restauranteur Salt Bae’s real name is Nusret Gökçe. He has been sued for not paying his employees on time. Moreover, he has also been accused of calling his employees ‘managers’ so he can get away with not paying them over time. This has been the case at all his shops and warehouses.

salt bae sued employees
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The five employees who have filed the suit were recruited from Turkey. They worked at Nusr-Et’s US locations and filed the case in Manhattan’s federal court just two days ago. 

The Developing Story

These said five employees said they worked 70-plus hours in a week in New York, Miami and Dallas. However, Nusr-Et did not compensate them fairly. They were also specially asked to come to work at these US locations by him when they were employed in Turkey. 

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The employees have also alleged that the official job descriptions drafted for their visa application were false. Nusr-Et labelled them as “employees with managerial authority” so he can “avoid paying them overtime wages.” Instead, these employees performed menial tasks. They took out the trash, washed the dishes, cleaned the toilets, ran errands and purchased products. 

salt bae sued employees
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Workers Will Not Settle For Anything 

The workers have alleged that regardless of the time they worked, their salary would remain the same. All five of them received a weekly salary of $1,125. However, workers in non-managerial positions are entitled to overtime pay. This pay should be 1.5 times their hourly wage. The normal weekly shift should be of 4 hours a week.

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The workers have hit Salt Bae where it hurts— his repute. The grillers have sued him for unpaid overtime and other damages and this isn’t even the worst they have done. Their case has been filed by Louis Pechman. He is the same labor lawyer who won a $230,000 settlement for the servers in 2019.

If you’re asking for guesses, we think Salt Bae will agree upon a settlement to protect his reputation. Most of his branches simply work because he’s made a name for himself. Nowadays, no one supports exploitative owners. Let’s see how this pans out!

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