10 Brands That Nailed Their Squid Game Digital Campaigns

Image Source: Instagram/Durex

Squid Game has already become a cultural phenomenon. So, naturally, brands have begun to use the Korean Netflix series as a marketing ploy. While it didn’t take a lot of time to see a real-life version of the squid game come into play in UAE. The brands have been giving a first-hand experience as they cash in on new customers with their marketing tactics. More and more brands are using Squid Game as leverage to gain new customers.

Here are some of the brands that have used Squid Game to their benefit.

1. Broadway Pizza

Broadway has announced a PKR 500,000 cash price for its three lucky customers who can finish the mighty 5ft pizza in 30 minutes. The social media handle of Broadway Pizza announced the news. All you need to do is to gather your friends and sign up for the challenge.

2. Durex 

Durex’s marketing team has taken product placement to another level. The brain behind the idea needs a raise. While they used the classic logo of Squid Game to promote the message and product, they sure beat everyone at the game.

3. Pie In The Sky 

Can’t create honeycomb candy at home? Then you can surely order cookies, samosa, and a brownie to satisfy the sugar cravings and recreate your version of the squid games, maybe?

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4. Dominos

Getting a Squid Game-inspired invitation card to avail yourself of a discounted deal on your favorite pizza, can this get any better? Not for us, as we might hold onto this cool card for the rest of our life.

5. Pepsi

Pepsi has chosen honeycomb candy, the sugar-based cookie, as their favorite game from the show. At least that’s what we would like to think. Do you think you would survive?

6. Gilette 

If you don’t know how long will you last in the squid games, Gilette knows how long their Mach 4 blades will last, and that’s up to 15 shaves.

7. Marigold HL Milk 

If you can’t drink regular milk just like Seong-Gi-Hun, don’t worry, Marigold has got you covered. Using the chocolate milk reference from Squid Game, the brand took marketing to another level as they promoted their chocolate-flavored milk.

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8. Budweiser 

Budweiser takes binge-watching seriously as they promote their product and logo carved on a dalgona candy. This might be one of the most popular ways the brands are promoting their products and logos.


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9. ArpaTech

Squid Game chose ArpaTech, or we rephrase ArpaTech has chosen Squid Game to advertise their company in a Squid Game fashion.

10. Heineken

Another brand whose logo coincided with the Squid Games logo is Heinekin. The honeycomb candy game where contestants had to carve out different shapes also included a star. Heineken used the reference and added their red-colored star to promote the brand.


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