A Real-Life Version Of Squid Game Is Taking Place But There’s A Catch

A Real-Life Version Of Squid Game Is Taking Place But There's A Catch
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It seems like Squid Game fever is not going to die out anytime soon. People can’t get enough of the record-breaking Netflix original, it has gripped viewers worldwide since its release. Memes and videos have flooded social media platforms, and some have organized wholesome events to bring their thrills to life. Now, the Korean Cultural Center in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is organizing a reenactment of the games seen in the Netflix series.

Squid Game In Dubai 

The Korean Cultural Center in the UAE is organizing a reenactment of the games seen in the Netflix series for two teams of 15 participants. The event will be held in two sessions on October 12 at the Korean Cultural Centre Abu Dhabi office.

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Games In The Real Life Event 

The center’s main page stated that four out of the seven games seen in the Netflix series would be played during the event. These include the “Red Light, Green Light” and “Dalgona Candy” challenges, both of which spawned trends on TikTok. Players would also get to try their hand at the “Marbles” and “Ddakji” (paper-flipping) games seen in the series.

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Nam Chan-woo, the UAE Korean Cultural Center’s director, said,

“Just as K-Pop gained worldwide popularity through YouTube in the 2010s, I think platforms such as Netflix would be a channel for the global spread of Korean video content such as dramas and movies.” 

The Catch? 

While the real-life version is murder-free (thank God), each winner is expected to be given a customized green tracksuit. Sadly, there’s no prize money and no dollar bills in the piggy bank. The eliminated players would get to watch the rest of the games from the sidelines. The center’s games are expected to be held in two-hour, tournament-style sessions.

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Want To Play? Here Is What You Need To Do

To apply to join the UAE’s version of “Squid Game,” applicants must fill out a form. The form will include three questions that test them on their basic knowledge of the Netflix show. Thankfully, applicants didn’t have to run the gauntlet of being slapped by a game recruiter (no matter how cute) multiple times just to get invited to the games. However, only UAE residents are eligible to compete.

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