Telenor Rawaan

Pakistan is a country with a diverse culture. Each of its province has its own language, physical attributes and history. One cannot hope to live in just one part of the country and expect to learn all there is about it. In order to truly understand it, you have to experience all that this wonderful nation has to offer.

Rawaan means a journey, an excursion which teaches new things along the way. Telenor Rawaan is that magical journey. One which hopes to highlight the real beauty of Pakistan. The soulful music, the warmth and unity of the people and above all the mesmerising sights that bring peace to whoever lays an eye on them.

We first came across some video snippets of Telenor Rawaan, each featuring a province, namely Sindh, Balochistan, KPK and Punjab. The videos all have the traditional music typical of these provinces being played in the background and a bag being packed with the traditional outfits.

Initially, it takes a little guesswork to comprehend what these videos mean. Do they belong to a music video? A documentary perhaps? Or are they teasers of a short film.

Now however we know more. Telenor Rawaan is a soulful musical journey through Pakistan. It is the story about a music director in search of the perfect tune. Since Pakistan has such a rich a diverse culture, he tries to find the best music in all the provinces. He packs a bag and sets off on an adventure, ready to experience something new.

He learns that each province is different, the people have their own customs, traditions, but these differences do not set us apart. By acknowledging the differences, celebrating them we create something better. True unity.

Similarly, he experiences the music of all provinces, appreciates their differences and tries to find the best way possible to amalgamate them. This in turn, gives him the result he has been looking for all along. The perfect tune.

Pakistan with all that it has to offer is a blessing for us all.

Check out the full video below.