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The match last night between Pakistan and Scotland was the last installment before the semi-finals for both countries. Pakistan made it to the next round while the latter had to pack bags for home. While most may not consider yesterday’s match to be of much importance considering we already secured our place for the semi-final, it did determine us as the undefeated in this year’s T20 World Cup (thanks to Shoaib Malik, of course).

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Pakistan vs Scotland

After the victory, we resumed our place on the top of the scorecard with 10 points and emerged as the only team to have not lost any match in this tournament. As the rules indicate, the Pakistan vs Scotland match was to determine who we will play against in the semi-final. As the top team, we have to play against Australia, the runner-up from the other group.

Shoaib Malik: Man of the match

As we celebrate the victory, we should also acknowledge a good game brought by Scotland who did not act defeated even though they were already out of the tournament. They gave a good game. In fact, considering that they were able to make 117 runs, their win might have seemed achievable had Pakistan not given a huge target. And when we acknowledge the huge target, we have to acknowledge Shoaib Malik and his sudden streak of sixes.

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Last few overs, Malik made his way to the pitch and netizens were not too sure of this decision. Given how badly India had defeated Scotland, had the match turned out any other way, this would have been an indirect victory to our arch rival. But Malik came and the sixes he made one after the other won netizens hearts. He truly was a glad tiding for the Pakistani team. And Sania Mirza, the nation’s bhabi from India became glad tiding for the player.


Memes had to roll in, of course. To troll India, we never back off.

But acknowledgment all the way!

Hopefully, the 40 years ‘young’ player will continue to showcase his experience with iconic performance in both, the semi-final as well as the final. This year, the cup should definitely be ours. But even if we do not win, let’s be better than the Indian fans and greet the team with our signature, ‘Tum jeeto ya haaro suno‘.

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