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The only reason you would not have heard about yesterday will be if you were intentionally blocking all the fireworks sounds and the meme war. Otherwise, you would know of the classic win against India that Pakistan scored. Neither did the Pakistan cricket team let them score more than 151 runs but the team was also able to achieve the target with 0 outs. We made history in the T20 World Cup and somehow netizens have found Akshay Kumar to be blamed.

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T20 World Cup

The match was held on 24th October. It will go down in history and will be used numerous times as brands make TVCs for the next world cup. When India was batting, Pakistan was quick to take wickets. However, Pakistanis were still on edge because with Pakistan, you never know. However, the hope strengthened, and eventually, we were able to win. Someone decided to make a meme for fun and Indians, probably looking for someone to vent on, quickly took it up.

The meme was fact-based. Considering how Shahrukh Khan (SRK) is in the negative light these days in the Indian media, he was aptly used. The netizen said that in 2007 when SRK came to see the World Cup match of Pakistan and India, the latter won.

And now that it was Akshay Kumar who went to see the match this year, Pakistan won. The tweet labeled Akshay as ‘panauti’.

Akshay Kumar Panauti Hai Trends

People even brought up past references of how he was bad luck when he went to see women’s cricket match in Leeds, and the team lost the final. History was clearly rewritten.

The best part though was most definitely him leaving the match midway when it was clear there is no avenue of catching up. Could the scene be similar to this?

People were terming him a bigot. Well, considering the hard work and effort he has put in to make a name for himself and of course, being a good luck charm for us, we sincerely hope, Indian media will not be too harsh.

I mean, you cannot just blame your cricketer’s incompetence on an actor, right?

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Let’s just hope, Akshay Kumar comes to see all Pakistan India matches from now on. SRK can do that from his living room.

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