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The T20 World Cup has taken people through a roller coaster of emotions. A lot of the matches have been quite hectic and amazing. However, for the people of Pakistan, the most recent one has been the most anticipated. In the most recent Pakistan v India match, Pakistan has scored a historic victory! With as much effort as they have put in this match, there is no doubt that they are going to go far.

Until yesterday, we were still unsure of who was going to win. Yet, we had our love and support directed towards the Pakistani cricket team. They have outshone themselves before and it has been quite spectacular. However, victory against India had become rarer in the last couple of years. After today, that situation is no longer true. The tides have changed and the dynamics have been altered.

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Pakistan And T20 Win

The match started off with India at the batting end. However, it seems they had a shaky start, losing three wickets in the initial section of the game. Rohit Sharma was said to be one of the wild cards in the game but he left the field quite early. After their innings were over, Pakistan was given a target of 152 to achieve.

Believe it or not, the team reached the target without losing any of their wickets. That is right, India lost and Pakistan won with their openers still playing at the helm. The victory is an impressive one for Pakistan and the fans are nothing but joyous right now.

Twitter has completely exploded and you might want to have a look!

This is hilarious!!

As you can see, the victory has produced quite a lot of memes as well as praise. It gives us hope that the rest of the matches of Pakistan can go quite well as well.

A Glorious Victory

We wish the Pakistan cricket team the best of luck for their future matches and we will be by their side with full support. Let’s bring the trophy home, everyone!

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