Pakistan wins T20 against New Zealand
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Cricket is something that runs in the veins of a majority of Pakistanis. The fanbase for the sport is so huge, people actually postpone their meetings to watch a match. In T20, there has been a lot of hype ever since Pakistan went up against India. It was quite a historic win for the team, that too by ten wickets! Yes, the batsmen kept playing from start till the end! Now, the second match against New Zealand just took place. Guess who won that one? You got that right! Pakistan has just claimed its second victory in T20.

This win comes as a satisfaction to quite a lot of the fans. In recent times, New Zealand had done quite a bit of injustice when it came to Pakistan. They had even cancelled their tour to Pakistan because of an alleged bomb threat. Yet, when the threat was given in another country, they kept playing. Twitter has certainly exploded with memes of all kinds. You know us, never slow to post a meme!

pakistna wins against new zealand
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New Zealand Loses Against Pakistan

This feels like quite a huge moment for Pakistan. To be able to defeat two of the best teams of the tournament means good things for us. It shows that some of the tougher parts of the journey are now over. Asif and Malik were two of the stars of the game today as they brought Pakistan from a doubtful win to a sure one. It always has been true that our fans and team strive under pressure.

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Looking Forward

We hope to see Pakistan clutch more victories as the T20 World Cup moves forward. Our love and support for the team are constant, be it tough times or times of rejoice.

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