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Firdous Jamal’s derogatory remarks on Mahira Khan at Faysal Qureshi’s show seem to be getting attention even after a week has passed.

According to our last update on the matter, influencers and celebrities had shown full support for Mahira Khan and Mahira herself had penned down a handwritten note as a response.

“We are the present”: Mahira Khan Responds to Firdous Jamal with Indirect, Handwritten Note

Then news came that Pakistani Director and Head of Hum TV, Momina Duraid had cancelled Firdous Jamal from all of her production projects to show support for Mahira.

However, following that, tables seem to have turned.

Currently, the hashtag #SupportFirdousJamal is taking over Twitter and among others, celebrities like Feroze Khan, Veena Malik are partaking in the conversation.

People are defending Firdous Jamal, saying it is only freedom of speech to express your opinion, and nobody should face such insult for it.

Many are of the opinion that he should be respected because he is old and has been entertaining us for decades.

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“Firdous sahab has given more to this industry” – Shaan Tweets in Support of the Star

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