Sunita Marshall

Sunita Marshall and Hassan Ahmed recently appeared in a Ramadan transmission. Reminiscing about their married life the couple opened up about what is it like to work together on screen for a long time.

While discussing the beginning of their career, Hassan felt a bit down because Sunita was already famous. However, later he learned to handle those feelings and keep things happy at home. He said he felt that way until about four years ago when he started feeling better about himself.

‘Insecurity and jealousy is normal when a couple is working together in the same industry.’ He noted.

‘If someone denies the fact that they do not get jealous of their partner then they are straight up lying.’ He added as he shared his thoughts on the couples working in the same industry.

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Sunita later added that the couple has never argued or had a fight regarding their work life and personal life.

‘When I met Sunita she was already a star and I was not even in the industry.’ Hassan added.

‘Even though I had feelings of jealousy towards her since I was only at the beginning of my career. However, I never showed her my true feeling and what was brewing inside of me.’

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