On screen marriages

A video clip from an Iftar transmission has caught fire on social media. The video clip shows a group of scholars debating about the authenticity of Nikkah in Pakistani dramas. In a shocking turn of events the scholars present on the show deemed the Nikkah’s done on tv sets valid.

According to the ruling officiated by the scholars, since the Nikkah is done in the presence of witnesses hence they are legitimate.

If a Nikkah is done on set in the presence of eye witnesses then the Nikkah is officiated. Even if the scenario is out of a tv drama and not in real life.’ Clarified the scholar in his statement.

The same issue was also clarified for the case of divorce and was mentioned that the same will be applicable to divorce given the words are spoken between the couple even in the made up scenario of TV drama.

Take a look at the video below

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Social Media Reacts To The News 

While the video spread like wildfire on social media, the statement came as a shock to public and especially celebrities. Tv actor Umer Alam took to his social media to sarcastically shared his three Nikkah’s from the dramas and mentioned that he still has room for one.

The public, however, was furious and the comments section was filled with the remarks where the public shared their disappointment with the scenario.

Take a look at some of the reactions from the social media below

Image source: instagram
Image source: instagram

What are your thoughts on the ruling made by Ulma? Does it have any religious backing or just a piece of misinformation? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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