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Popular and very widely-loved Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has opened about his embracement of Islam for the very first time.

The footballer was recently spotted in Mecca (Makkah) on pilgrimage and now has returned home.

Pogba was not raised as a Muslim boy, despite his mother practicing, but had later on converted to Islam.

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While giving an interview to The Times, the Middlefield shared:

It’s everything [being a Muslim]. That’s what makes me thankful for everything.

He further added:

It made me change, realize things in life. I guess, maybe, it makes me more peaceful inside. It was a good change in my life because I wasn’t born a Muslim, even if my mum was. I just grew up like that, respect for everyone.

The 26-year old defended Islam, sharing that the media always manages to portray a negative aspect of the religion.

Islam is not the image that everyone sees – terrorism. What we hear in the media is really something else. (Islam is) something beautiful. You get to know it. Anybody can find that he feels connected with Islam.

When asked how he finally accepted to accept and openly embrace the peaceful religion, he shared:

I was questioning myself in a lot of things, then I started doing my own research. I prayed once with my friends and I felt something different.

I felt really good. Since that day I just carried on. You have to pray five times a day, that’s one of the pillars of Islam. It’s something that you do.

The meaning why you do it – you ask forgiveness and be thankful for everything you have, like my health and everything.

It’s really a religion that opened my mind and that makes me, maybe, a better person. You think more about the afterlife.

This life has a test. Like when I’m with you, here. Even if you’re not a Muslim, you are a normal human. You have a human relationship and respect you for who you are, what religion you are, what color and everything.

He concluded by defining Islam in relationship with humanity.

Islam is just this – respect of humanity and everything.

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