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Milo Maggi Curry Mee— naam toh nahi suna hoga. This is a old food combo that has resurfaced on social media again because time and time again people become surprised with its terribleness. The name might already be giving you negative vibes but if you’re here, better stick along for the full ride. Here’s what we’re talking about:

Milo Maggi Curry Mee

The Milo Maggi Curry Mee is a dish that is made by adding milo powder to a bowl of maggi. Yes, that is right and we’re not making this up. When the maggi is just about done you add a sachet of milo powder into it and the curry becomes chocolatey looking. Have a look at what it looks like:

maggi milo
Image Source: Penang Laya

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This Isn’t Old

The fact of the matter is that this isn’t as horrifying for everyone. We hate to be the ones who get horrified at someone’s favourite dish but this is genuinely… strange. There are a lot of video tutorials on the internet that show you how to make this alien dish. If you’re worried about how much Milo powder to add then don’t worry, the tutorials also teach how much to be added based on your taste buds.

Care To See A Tutorial?

When Did These Trends Emerge?

Experimenting with food is always a good thing. In that case, whoever experimented with this and then loved it should perhaps sign up with Jeff Bezos to be launched to Mars. It’s a good thing because you can know about who deserves to live on planet Earth and who doesn’t. Whoever discovered this doesn’t for sure.

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maggi milo
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However, jokes aside, mixing chocolate with spicy dishes is not that uncommon. It is a common hobby because chefs say that chocolate enhances the flavour of the dish. There is chocolate roast chicken, chocolate ramen and the list goes on. Thus, chocolate (Milo) maggi could make sense but thinking of it is nauseating.

Different Regions, Different Tastes?

This trend is also common in Korea thus, Koreans’ taste buds are adapted to this taste. That is why perhaps they would happily love to try Milo Maggi Curry Mee but for Pakistanis, this would be a huge no. Pakistanis are experimental with their food but not this much, the verdict remains contentious!

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