Social Media User Calls Out PEMRA For Overlooking Sexual Content!
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While content has changed and has become influenced by modern times, many writers bring brilliant material, and some bring nothing but garbage. However, in Pakistan, it is the responsibility of the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) to ensure nothing goes on air that wasn’t supposed to.

A social media user is calling out PEMRA for allowing vulgar content air on national television. Those who have watched ‘Churails’ may remember it at the back of their head.

The story is about 4 women who start a business to catch cheating husbands red-handed. Throughout the series, a girl from their team goes missing.

They find out that the missing girl was to become an ambassador for a beauty product in the process. One of the ‘Churails’ confronts another character about the missing girl.

During the intense conversation, the woman talks about the hard work and compromises and sacrifices she had to put into reaching where she is today.

She mentions that she had to give a man who was almost twice her age sexual pleasure to get to where she is.

The woman adds that she had no choice; it was either do please her bosses or pack up and go back to her hometown, which she would have never returned to.

However, social media was not pleased with the fact that the woman boldly claimed to have performed sexual acts to get a good job and a handsome salary.

Social Media User Calls Out PEMRA

However, many individuals corrected the user that the show is a web-series and was never aired on national television.

They also added that PEMRA has no jurisdiction over such content shown via an international broadcaster.

But, this is not the first time PEMRA was brought into such a debate. The authority has been questioned many times before as well on the kind of content aired on television.

PEMRA Takes Action Against Programs & Channels

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